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2019年马会全年资料 电磁高频振动筛



Product overview
   Electromagnetic high frequency vibrating screen is applied in classification work of mill grinding classification process.In appropriate feed concentration, feed particle (200 mesh fraction content) and the demand of granularity and the difference between the feed particle size is less than 30% under the condition of sieving rate is as high as 70% above.Can greatly reduce the cycle load and oversize qualified grain content in the content, improve the processing capacity of mill.(usually 5-10%) less on the screen.Improve grinding efficiency to reduce the amount of grinding, improve the grade of iron essence pink and yield.
    Due to the high screening efficiency, can greatly reduce the cycle load and oversize of qualified grade levels, so as to improve the processing capacity of mill (general 5-10%) can be improved;Strict screening process for undersize material granularity control, can eliminate too coarse particles of the negative impact of the concentrate quality pulp in high frequency under the action of small amplitude oscillations of screen surface, has the effect of density stratified sampling, the high density small particles are easy to fall into the bottom layer and through sieve, thus can obviously improve the quality of the undersize material.At present in large mine concentrator and small and medium-sized concentrator is widely used.Be widely used in metallurgy mineral fine screen classification process for mining industry equipment.


1、 筛面高频振动,筛箱不动。整机经二次减震支撑,动载荷极小,可随意摆放安装。
1, high frequency vibrating  surface, screen box is immobility.The whole machine by the secondary suspension, dynamic load, can be installed in random.
Woriking site
2、 筛面震动频率50HZ,振幅1-2毫米。震动强度达8-10倍重力加速度,是普通强度的2-3倍。筛面自清理能力强,筛分效率高处理能力大。
2, Screen surface vibration frequency is 50 hz, the amplitude of 1-2 mm.Vibration intensity of 8 to 10 times the gravitational acceleration is common vibrating screen strength 2-3 times.Screen surface self-cleaning ability, ability to process high screening efficiency.
Working site
3、 筛面有三层不同的组成。底层为钢丝绳芯聚氨酯拖网,与振动装置接触。拖网上面为两层不锈钢丝编织网粘接在一起的复合网,复合网上层与物料接触,上层网可根据筛分工艺要求确定网孔尺寸。开孔率高,使用寿命长。筛网两段有张紧挂钩便于安装。入料缓冲筛板减小物料对筛网的冲击,延长使用寿命。
3, There are three layers of different mesh screen surface.The underlying polyurethane trawling for wire rope core, contact with vibration device.Trawling for above two layers of stainless steel wire woven mesh bonding together of complex network, composite layer in contact with the material online, the upper mesh is according to the requirement of screening technology of mesh siz is hie.Screen mesh opening rate is high, long service life.There is a tight link to facilitate installation screen two paragraphs.Into the buffer material sieve plate reduce the material impact on screen, prolong service life.
4、 高频振动筛安装角度可随时调节,已使用不同物料性质及不同筛分作业。机械的安装角度25-30度范围。
5、 筛机震动参数采用单片机调节控制。对每个震动系数的震动参数可单独调节设定。除一般工况震动参数外,可设定简短瞬时强震参数以随时清理筛网,保持筛网不堵。
6、 电磁铁震动系统采用优质的橡胶件连接,长期运转功耗小。

4, high frequency vibrating screen installation angle can be adjusted at any time, have been used different material properties and different screening operation.Mechanical installation Angle range of 25 to 30 degrees.
5, Screen machine vibration parameters adopts single chip microcomputer control adjustment.For each motion parameter can be set in a separate adjustment coefficient of vibration.In addition to the general condition of motion parameter, instantaneous earthquake parameters can be set a brief to clear the screen at any time, keep the screen wall.
6, Electromagnet vibration system is made of high quality rubber parts connection, long running low consumption.
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